ARLY Laminating-Quilting B.V.

‘We bring it together’. Under that motto we, Arly, produce high-quality materials for the textile industry. We combine basic products by using different production techniques. Our customers are in the furniture, automotive, medical and technical textile industries.

Welcome to this site. Here you will find information about lamination, quilting, editing and past projects.

What we do


Lamination is a commonly used joining technique in which several layers are joined together. We have various techniques at our disposal, including spray lamination, roll coating, spot lamination and making materials self-adhesive.

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Quilting is an age-old technique known as topstitching. We bring textiles and wadding together mechanically. Our quilting machines can bring multiple layers together. Different patterns are possible according to your wishes.

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In addition to laminating and quilting, we are also able to further process products. Our cutting machine makes it possible to cut directly inline. Adding a logo to your product is no problem for us with our die-cutting machine.

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About us

Arly Laminating Quilting B.V. is a family business that has been active in the market for over 55 years. Founded by Wim van Nes in 1964 and currently led by Wim Timmermans. We provide our services to our customers from Nieuwkuijk. We are happy to help you produce high-quality materials and make your project a success. Our website gives a first insight into what we can do for now.

Would you like to discuss the possibilities for your company or product while enjoying a cup of coffee?

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Schrauwers Textiles

Our subsidiary ‘Schrauwers Textiles BV’ is a trading company that offers an extensive range of furniture fabrics, project fabrics and outdoor fabrics. The range is particularly suitable for project designers and the furniture industry and is of a high quality.

After the takeover by Arly Laminating – Quilting BV  in 2019, a breath of fresh air is blowing through the company. We are happy to help you in compiling your collection and making your project a success.

Feel free to take a look at our site.